X-Stink Odor Control

The New XSTINK™ Deodorizing System effectively mists away offensive odors in high-rise trash chutes, compactors, dumpsters and more with the most concentrated scent available for commercial or industrial use, DynaMint™.

XSTINK is a patented technology that automatically dispenses at timed intervals to control odors. Other systems use paristaltic pumps that drip and must be primed before dispensing. Those systems simply spray with limited intervals and duration.

The XSTINK system produces a fine mist that takes advantage of a chutes' exhaust system to deodorize the entire building from bottom to top. Tenants will notice a difference and you will, too.

For trash compactors and dumpsters, the XSTINK unit applies product directly to the odor source.

Used with our exclusive Dynamint™ concentrated deodrizer, the XSTINK is a fully-automated like none other. Let a ChemsearchFE sales rep provide complete details and a demonstration.

Close Up of One of the XSTINK's
Fine-Misting Nozzels

XSTINK Automated Deodorizing System