Facility Engineer Solutions

ChemsearchFE was designed with unique needs in mind. If you manage the maintenance function for a building, commercial residence, hospital, university or virtually any structure utilized by people, we are here to help you.

We offer one-to-one service with products and technology to maximize your equipment, man hours and budget.

We specialize in:

ChemsearchFE believes the facility engineer to be vital to the life a facility. Our job is to make their easier. See a representative today.

Patented Technology

ChemsearchFE is an exclusive provider of the patented Bio Amp® Biological Drain Maintenance System. The Bio Amp is capable of reducing your pump-outs (subject to municipal regulations, see your local code for details), and provides the same powerful process used at the waste water treatment plant — only at the source. From food processing to hospital food preparation to outdoor lift stations and ponds, the Bio Amp will soon be the standard to reduce surcharges, reduce BODs and effectively maintain your drain system.