Our History


In the early years of the 20th century, along with a growing public demand for improved sanitation and increased safety came the need for specialty maintenance products. Milton P. Levy Sr. recognized the opportunity implicit in this changing attitude and started the National Disinfectant Company in 1919.

At first the Company offered only a handful of products. The line featured such products as a coal tar disinfectant, an insecticide, and a liquid hand soap to improve sanitation in hospitals, schools, and public institutions. A pioneer in this new industry, Mr. Levy understood the value of providing both quality products and service to his customers. Everyone worked tirelessly at the young National Disinfectant Company in order to satisfy its customers.

Growth and Change

After World War II, determined not only to survive, but to succeed, the Levy family pulled together the leadership needed to develop a successful business. The next five years would be critical to the Company's future as the sons took roles in leading and growing the business.

Responding to the challenge, the Levys supplied the vision of what the Company was to become — a leader in the specialty maintenance market. Their vision was shared by men and women of character, talent, and imagination. The company became an "extended family," attracting people who were equally determined to succeed.

As a result, profits were reinvested in production equipment, expanded administrative support, and the Company's research and development effort. Over a period of years the Company began to produce almost all of its own products.


Chemsearch FE offers a variety of specialized solutions for a variety of customers. Serving for nearly 100 years, Chemsearch FE is a leader in products, technology and solutions for facility engineers.

Our Customers count on Chemsearch FE to keep high-volume facilities functioning at peak performance. Chemsearch FE helps facility engineers get the most from their maintenance budgets in five key areas:

Our Future

Though the world has gone through dramatic changes since 1919, Chemsearch's fundamental vision has never changed — to anticipate and respond to customer needs.

A business driven by such passion for customer satisfaction is rarely content to rest on its accomplishments, no matter how great. Today, associates around the world are preparing for the future. New products, new plans and new opportunities await, and every member of the Chemsearch family is eager to explore them.