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Commercial and institutional buildings are estimated to use 39.6 billion gallons of water per day - the second largest consumer of publically supplied water in the United States.  A significant portion of this water is used in heating and cooling.  Cooling towers evaporate large volumes of water, accounting for as much as 60 percent of a building’s total water footprint.  We provide innovative water treatment technologies designed to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in heating and cooling operations.


Effective drain maintenance requires more than grease trap pumping or snaking, and Chemsearch FE is a leading provider of drain and wastewater treatment products and technology. From hospitals and hotels to schools and country clubs, customers rely on us to solve their drain maintenance challenges and help them save money. Our on-site biological systems generate trillions of live, beneficial bacteria daily to remedy the headaches of clogged or slow drains, foul odors or even pricey municipal surcharges. As the drain experts, our representatives offer a complete line of drain products and application equipment for both preventative and emergency drain line care. Not all drains or wastewater problems are alike, so our trained representatives take the time to perform a site survey to identify problem areas and the proper treatment solutions for each individual site. With exclusive, patented technology and products, such as the BIO-Amp™, we provide solutions unavailable elsewhere and the most cost-effective drain maintenance products in the marketplace.


Thirty percent. According to Energy Star, that’s the amount of energy the average commercial building wastes. Most facilities have room for improvement, even in ways as simple as heat transfer. Our HVAC solutions are designed to maintain efficient and effective HVAC systems. FE’s products and programs are engineered to reduce maintenance and lower overall utility costs.


Wet waste, grease traps, drain odors, or smoke odors…

Within any facility, patrons, employees or residents often first interact with the environment through smell. The odors they encounter communicate the quality of the facility. For businesses, a bad first impression can have consequences, giving the impression that the operation is dirty, poorly run or even unsafe. Chemsearch FE’s odor control solutions are designed for each unique problem in a facility, whether it be the trash areas, grease traps, or lift stations, or problematic odors in patient or guest rooms. Understanding the source and specific weapons at your disposal can help in selecting the right products for the job. We provide site surveys, customized solutions and personalized training for employees to promote an odor-free environment.


Chemsearch FE’s facility maintenance programs allow property management teams to maximize financial resources by minimizing the use of expensive outside to address urgent structural problems that could cause potential safety hazards. In addition, the programs help property management teams reduce work-order flow by eliminating complaints arising from lack of upkeep in inherently dirty areas, such as trash shoots and loading docks. FE sales reps are uniquely trained to help customers identify and solve property maintenance issues by helping property management teams use human and financial resources in the most efficient way possible.



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