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  • 100 years of adding professional
    expertise to facility resource
  • Chemsearch FE’s
    mission is simple
    We help facilities save water, energy and reduce operating costs.
  • automated drain
    Minimizes harmful bacteria, clogs and
    other common drain issues to protect your staff,
    visitors and decreases vendor foot traffic such as
    plumbers or mechanical contractors.
  • FE
    Your interests are protected and your risk
    is mitigated by partnering with a reliable
    organization like Chemsearch FE.
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Changing the paradigm for facility resource management
Our team is eager to help address your facility maintenance challenges

Due to population growth, drought or infrastructure failure, buildings nationwide are implementing aggressive water and energy reduction plans. Chemsearch FE is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their resource management goals through innovative solutions, patented technologies and education. FE is committed to making sustainability less of a responsibility and more of a core functional requirement.

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