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Chemsearch FE provides solutions to the following markets.
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There were more than 5,500 hospitals registered in 2015 in the United States alone, and the industry is only growing. Being a 24/7 facility that can serve thousands of patients, employees and visitors daily means high energy and water usage is inevitable. Proper water treatment and drain maintenance are vital to keeping these facilities operating. Whether a 500-room hospital or a high-volume MRI clinic, Chemsearch FE can help you manage your building’s resources so you can save money and invest in critical areas that will help your organization fulfill its mission of providing superior care for patients.


image Ensuring the comfort of guests is a top priority in the hospitality industry. This comfort relies on a building’s facilities running effectively and efficiently. Chemsearch FE’s products ensure a facility lives up to those demanding expectations. We offer a suite of innovative solutions that decrease water and energy consumption, reducing overall operating costs and ensuring against catastrophic heating and cooling interruptions. In addition, our drain maintenance solutions reduce foul odors and unwanted backups. All this means your guests can relax in comfort and you can focus on the finer details.


image School districts, universities, community college systems—these facilities all require a variety of products designed to clean, sanitize and maintain overall appearance, not to mention boilers and cooling towers for water treatment and the need for drain maintenance products for large kitchen facilities. More than just an average jan-san company, Chemsearch FE is committed to serving educational institutions with a wide range of products to fit their needs. From green cleaning products to water and energy use reduction solutions, FE can optimize building resources, improve efficiencies and convey a message that the environment matters.

Commercial & Residential Property Management

image Large commercial buildings require a variety of products to ensure proper operation. Depending on occupancy, they can require even more care than residential buildings. Commercial building construction is expected to continue to grow over the coming years, which will lead to an increased need for facility managers who can keep these buildings operating efficiently while maximizing their budgets. Chemsearch FE can help facility managers manage their resources in a way that achieves this goal.

Large complexes and high-rise buildings have a number of needs, some of which might include water treatment, drain maintenance, commercial cleaning, odor control and building maintenance products. CHEMSEARCH FE is the only company with nation-wide property maintenance programs to provide innovative solutions that improve the sustainability and productivity of our customers’ facility. Whatever your needs, Chemsearch FE can help.